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Boss Fights

Boss fights are a common element of most games, but are something that I frequently find frustrating. I’d like to take a moment to look at some great (and truly terrible) boss fights to look at how they should be done.


Sonic 4 vs Sonic Generations

I’ve already talked about Sonic recently in my Retrospective, but that was before I had properly played either Sonic 4 – Episode 1 or Sonic Generations. Both of these games seem to be trying to shed some of the stuff that has made the recent games so bad and trying to take Sonic back to his roots, but have either of them succeeded? Lets find out…


Assassins Creed Restrospective

The Assassins Creed (should there be an apostrophe in there somewhere?) series, while doing nothing for the reputation of hoodies, has become one of the most popular series of the current generation and some of my favourite games… in some ways. I haven’t reviewed any of the games yet, so I thought I would take a look back at the series and offer some opinions.


Review: Portal 2

The original Portal was basically a tech demo, included as a bonus alongside other titles in the Orange Box.¬†And that was all it needed to be. However, it turned out to be full of dark humour and featured a computer that is one of the greatest villains/characters in any video game… ever!

Now, though, Valve have produced Portal 2. The sequel includes a cooperative campaign in addition to having twice the content in the single player campaign. This is probably the most anticipated game of the year, and if anyone can live up to the hype, its Valve. But have they done it?


Sonic Retrospective

With the release of yet another attempt to take Sonic the Hedgehog back to his roots, I began to wonder if going back to the beginning is really all the Sonic can hope to achieve?

I should probably reiterate that I always preferred Sonic to Mario (at least, back in the days when Sonic games were still good). I realise that the Mario franchise has been much better managed over the years, with games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart adding much needed fun and variety to the constant remake of Super Mario Brothers. I also realise that there hasn’t been a really good Sonic game for at least a decade, but is Sonic’s future really so bleak?


Review: Gran Turismo 5

Now, I am aware that what I am about to say is controversial, even if it is the truth. Lets just say I don’t intend to spend the next few hundred words complaining about the game just to give it 9 out of 10 as many other (terrible) reviewers have done.

I am also aware that there will be a lot of Sony and GT fanboys who will object to this content. They will no doubt want to rage and write offensive, stupid nonsense as they did on reviews like Justin’s from GamesRadar. I probably can’t stop you, but just don’t. No one is interested in your opinions and I fully understand that you may not be interested in mine. If so, here’s the door: [Google]. Otherwise, read on.