I have designed and implemented a number of my own video games in C++ and Java.

My Game Engine

I have produced a Game Engine, which I have used to create most of my games. It was developed to simplify the process of producing new games, and includes shared features, debugging tools, common interfaces, utilities and methods.

The Engine framework is built on SDL, using a number of libraries including OpenGL, PhysX and FMOD. It has a number of useful features, which make the process of creating a game easier, including:

  • File Loading & Management, Utility classes for working with Strings, generating Random Numbers and writing to text files etc.
  • Customisable Press Start screen and animated Loading Screen. Common Pause menu, Options, exit button etc.
  • 2D and 3D rendering components, including Cameras and Particle effects (including explosions, with smoke, fireballs, sparks and debris)

Pong Stadium

The game is a 3D A 3D update of the classic game re-imagining of the classic game Pong, but rather than just add 3D graphics, I decided to make things more interesting; vary the shape of the paddles and arena, add power-ups and allow the players to shoot the ball (and each other) with rockets!



Starforce is a A 3D space-combat gamespace combat game based around a space combat flight school, where players must battle other fighters and complete various tasks. The action is centred around a Space Station and a number of larger capital ships.


The Stickman Project

The Stickman project is an experiment I was working on to produce simple, 2D animated characters and a side-scrolling platform game. Originally the animations were going to be simple stick men, but I quickly realised that the visuals could be improved. The game consists of a series of short levels which the player must navigate a series of platforms, lifts and hazards to reach the goal.


Royal Templars: Arena

Royal Templars: Arena is a fighting game with RPG elements, where the player can create a character, manage their inventory and stats and fight in a series of battles as part of a tournament and overarching storyline.. It was developed over six weeks, using Java.

The Combat Screen