Welcome to MDSimpson.co.uk

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Mike Simpson and I’m a research software engineer based in the North-East of England. On this site, you will find information about my rather eclectic collection of skills, hobbies and obsessions, including blog posts about topics such as writing, photography, gaming and mental health.


I have a degree in Computer Science, an MSc in Computer Games Engineering and a PhD in Real-time Simulation and I currently work as a Research Software Engineer with the Digital Institute.

Research Software Engineering

I have worked on a number of interesting research projects in a number of different fields, providing my experience and expertise with software and website development, visualisation and human-computer interaction.

More information about some of the software projects I have worked on, click here. Or check out the research page for details of the research projects and publications I have

Video Game Development

I worked as a Game Programmer at a local studio for a number of years, as well as working on a number of video games in my spare time.

I worked on a number of projects including NASCAR the Game 2011 and Auto Club Revolution. My role involved gameplay, physics, interface and audio programming. I also took part in an industrial placement project at Midway Studios Newcastle during my MSc, working on a new dynamic system for managing road networks in large video game environments.

For more information, check out my Game Portfolio.

3D Graphics

As part of a recent project, I learned to use Blender, the open-source 3D creation suite. As well as developing a number of data visualisations with world-leading researchers, I have also been developing my skills in 3D modelling to create a range of projects in my spare time.

Check out some of my creations on my Artwork page.


I am also a keen photographer who has worked professionally at a number of events. I’m currently working on improving my skills and building up a portfolio, though for now I am treating it as more of a hobby.

More examples and information can be found on my Photography page.