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XCOM 2: Mod Report 1

XCOM 2 has support for a range of community mods via the Steam Workshop. I plan to try out a few of these mods over the coming months and produce these “Mod Reports”, where I will discuss the good, the bad and the downright insane!

For my first Report, I’ve been experimenting with a few simple mods that (mostly) don’t affect the actual gameplay all that much, but which add nice little tweaks to save time, enhance the information available to the player or turn off minor annoyances. But do they work?


The Cost of Gaming

So, apparently Assassin’s Creed Syndicate “isn’t that bad” – which is a great improvement over recent entries in the franchise at least, but that’s a rant for another time – and I have to admit that the idea of climbing around the rooftops of Victorian London has a certain appeal.

However, I find myself unable to justify buying the game. Not only do I know that it will probably be a disappointing experience, involving a long slog through repetitive missions, side quests, pointless collectibles and a bland, forgettable story – and that it will probably be broken and full of bugs – but I just can’t get over the price tag…


First Impressions – Grey Goo

I was intrigued when I first heard about Grey Goo. A strategy game that recreates the classic Real-time Strategy (RTS) formula from classic games like Starcraft (one of my favourite games of all time)? Sounds great, I thought, but I decided to wait and see what happened with it. Then, the reviews came out, with many calling it “the best RTS game made by anyone other than Blizzard in the last decade”.

But is it really that good? Can the gameplay, storylines and quality of the game possibly compete with Blizzard? Well, it recently had a free-to-play weekend on Steam, and so I decided to find out…


Review: Space Run

I don’t have any real interest in the new consoles or any of the big titles at the minute, so I’ve decided to take a few more punts on smaller-scale/indie games instead. Hopefully, this will expose me to more genuine creativity and new ideas and, who knows, I may discover a few little gems along the way. It also means that I’m not just throwing my opinions out into the over-populated sea of reviews of triple-A titles…

Anyway, I recently spotted an intriguing game called ‘Space Run’ in the Weekend Deals page on Steam. It seemed like an interesting premise and so I decided to check it out…


Jack of all Trades

So, Destiny is out and I’m hearing a lot of buzz saying that it has elements from Halo, Borderlands, World of Warcraft and many other different game genres all rolled into one, and that it is not necessarily succeeding at emulating all of them. As someone who wasn’t a fan of the Halo series, I am not particularly interested in Destiny, but all this talk of all-in-one games has got me thinking…

Is it really so bad to have a shooter without any RPG, co-op or MMO elements? And why not introduce NEW features and ideas in NEW games, instead changing a game’s core experience in a sequel? Why are games becoming so homogeneous and what is so wrong with the idea of niche gaming?


Batman: Arkham Origins | Review

Well, I finally got round to playing Batman: Arkham Origins. I loved Arkham Asylum and Arkham City was pretty good to, but I’ve been putting off playing this one because a) it is a prequel, b) it’s been developed by a different studio and c) didn’t feature the original voice cast that helped bring the earlier games to life. It looked to me like a cheap filler game to cash in on the series’ success.

However, now the dust has settled (and I can get the game for a more reasonable price), I finally decided to take the risk. And, I find myself pleasantly surprised… (more…)

Retrospective: Discworld Noir

Anyone who follows me on a semi-regular basis might have noticed that I’ve been on something of a Discworld binge recently. I’m a massive fan of Terry Pratchett‘s universe and have been through all of the audiobooks in the series in the last year-or-so (which is why there are so many Pratchett quotes on my Tumblr and Twitter feeds).

Following on from all that, I recently decided to sit down and have a go at getting the classic Discworld games working, but have so far only managed it with one: Discworld Noir. This was a game that I remember enjoying at the time, but how does it stand up today?