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The Journey

Last year, I wrote a short story for a competition by Mind, the mental health charity. The story, ‘The Journey’, was shortlisted but didn’t win any of the top prizes. Given that I wrote the story specifically for the competition, I didn’t really know what else to do with it, so as it’s currently Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, I thought I’d share it here. I’ve tweaked it only slightly and even had a go at illustrating some of it.

The story begins below. For more about how and why I wrote the story, click here.


A tribute to Terry Pratchett

I don’t normally go in for this sort of thing. It seems like a lot of celebrities have passed away recently, including many who I admired or respected. Normally, however, I just think “that’s a bit sad” and try to move on, since I feel that anything I say will somehow sound hollow or insincere, or will just be the same thing that a million other people are saying.

Thursday was different. On Thursday Sir Terry Pratchett died and I felt like I had to pay some kind of tribute because this man has had such a profound impact on my life. I’m not too proud to say that I shed a few tears when I heard the news and I wanted to try and express (in words far less eloquent and well-crafted than his) exactly why I should feel this way about a man that I unfortunately never got the chance to meet.


In Defence of… Changing Things

Given my interests and line of work (i.e. the fact that I am a massive nerd), you probably won’t be surprised to know that a large number of my friends were the sort of people took great delight in pointing out (and complaining about) every little detail that was changed from the books to make the Harry Potter movies. Many of these are the same people who are now among the armies of angry monkeys kicking off after EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Game Of Thrones.

But, what you might be surprised to learn is that I am not one of these people. Far from it, in fact…


Writing: Working with Wikis

As part of the process of creating the world for my story, I was working on a mini-website called the Databank, which contained information about the characters and the world. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but it was difficult to maintain and ultimately fell by the wayside. However, I recently returned to the idea and explored a different solution that has been incredibly helpful to me, so I thought I would share it with you.


Writing – Introduction

OK, this blog entry is a bit different. I thought I would share some of my experience of attempting to write a series of novels and short stories. I will probably write a few entries on this subject every-so-often with updates on my progress, but for now I’d like to share some of my experiences, resources I’ve found useful and some of the key things I’ve learnt along the way. (more…)