I am a keen photographer and have been teaching myself how to make the most of my camera.


I have a Canon 80D Digital SLR Camera, with a number of accessories and gadgets including a Sigma EX lens, tripods, a remote control, zoom lens, flashes and LED lights.

I also have programs like Photoshop, Lightroom and CameraBag 2 to process my photos.

I have lots of experience of shooting Landscapes, Cityscapes and Wildlife and I am hoping to branch out into Events, Weddings, Modelling etc. soon.

Check out some samples of my work using the Photography menu to the left.

Photography Highlights

The gallery below features some of my recent uploads.



I have a number of ‘Photography Features’ and other photography-related posts on to my blog.
You can find them here. I also share my photos on a number of other websites.

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