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I Am Your Father – Part 9b: Delivery

So, a quick recap. 10 Days overdue and knowing we had a chunky baby on the way, we finally found ourselves in a delivery room at the hospital. Labour was pretty intense and after dealing with unbearably painful contractions brought on by the hormone drip for what felt like an eternity (and that was just how *I* felt!), an epidural was administered and when it finally kicked in, we both got a little bit of rest.

This blog was initially written shortly after I got home from the hospital. It’s taken me a while to get round to actually posting it, but hey, I’ve had a bit on!

Anyway. Part two begins – very suddenly – in the (very) early hours of Sunday morning…


I Am Your Father – Part 9a: Labour

This is the first of a two-part “I Am Your Father” special, which will tell the story of what happened in the hospital when the time finally came for my son to be born.

I was labouring (no pun intended) under the ridiculous notion that I would be mostly superfluous and that I would have the time to ‘live blog’ the birth; making notes every-so-often as we went along.

What a sweet, naive, young man I was!