Welcome to my Software Development Portfolio. Here you can see some of the applications and tools that I have worked on.


The ‘Locomotion’ tool was produced as part of my PhD. It is an attempt to produce real-time simulations of rail vehicles, using software, tools and development practices from the video games industry. The tool was produced as part of a joint venture between Newcastle University’s Systems Research Team and NewRail, a research group within the School of Civil Engineering.

The sample train running in the simulation

The aim of the project is to see if video games physics engines (such as, in this case, NVIDIA’s PhysX) can be used to produce meaningful, real-time engineering simulations.


The RoadWorks tool was designed to help create and manage large, complex road networks in large gaming environments. It allows for roads to be created and edited easily and includes procedural generation of textures, geometry and AI pathing data. The tool was produced as part of the Games MSc in association with staff from Midway Studio Newcastle, who wanted an improved version of the system that they used to produce Open-World games such as Wheelman, which they had just published at the time.

Part of a generated road section, textured, including pedestrian crossing

The following video shows some of the key features of the application.

Visualise: String Searching

This tool was designed as a learning aid for teaching University Computing students how String Searching algorithms work. The user can enter their own strings and select a number of different algorithms to test. The algorithm is then executed, generating a set of animations. The animations can then be played, stepped through in slow motion, even reversed.

An animation of one of the Algorithms