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Reviews and comments about classic games and game series.

Retrospective: Discworld Noir

Anyone who follows me on a semi-regular basis might have noticed that I’ve been on something of a Discworld binge recently. I’m a massive fan of Terry Pratchett‘s universe and have been through all of the audiobooks in the series in the last year-or-so (which is why there are so many Pratchett quotes on my Tumblr and Twitter feeds).

Following on from all that, I recently decided to sit down and have a go at getting the classic Discworld games working, but have so far only managed it with one: Discworld Noir. This was a game that I remember enjoying at the time, but how does it stand up today?


Worms Retrospective

I used to really enjoy playing the Worms games when I was younger, but I feel that the franchise has become somewhat stale in recent years. Last year they brought out a new instalment: Worms Revolution, that finally tried out some new ideas, but it didn’t quite manage to renew my enthusiasm. I thought I would look back the series and see what it was that I liked and didn’t like, and perhaps suggest where there series could go from here…


Mass Effect Retrospective

The games of Mass Effect Trilogy have become some of my favourite games of all time, but (apart from my discussion about the Mass Effect 3 Ending) I haven’t actually reviewed any of them so far. So this week I thought I would take a quick look these games and discuss what made great, as well as some of the issues that have plagued the series.


Assassins Creed Restrospective

The Assassins Creed (should there be an apostrophe in there somewhere?) series, while doing nothing for the reputation of hoodies, has become one of the most popular series of the current generation and some of my favourite games… in some ways. I haven’t reviewed any of the games yet, so I thought I would take a look back at the series and offer some opinions.


Sonic Retrospective

With the release of yet another attempt to take Sonic the Hedgehog back to his roots, I began to wonder if going back to the beginning is really all the Sonic can hope to achieve?

I should probably reiterate that I always preferred Sonic to Mario (at least, back in the days when Sonic games were still good). I realise that the Mario franchise has been much better managed over the years, with games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart adding much needed fun and variety to the constant remake of Super Mario Brothers. I also realise that there hasn’t been a really good Sonic game for at least a decade, but is Sonic’s future really so bleak?