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Blog posts relating to non-standard topics (i.e. not gaming or photography related).

Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. Here you will find musings on various topics from video games to mental health to fatherhood. These thoughts are my own and I should probably warn you that not all content is totally safe for work!

‘Happy’ by Derren Brown

A while back, I reviewed Sarah Millican’s brilliant book “How To Be Champion“, which was part autobiography, part joke collection and part self-help book. On a similar theme, I’d like to discuss another book I’ve been reading recently; “Happy” by mentalist, illusionist and warlock Derren Brown. Or, to give it it’s full title: “Happy: Why […]

A Sense of Perspective

Now seems like as good a time as any to discuss a key realisation that has helped me to make sense of the world. I’ve noticed that people don’t always seem to distinguish between ‘The General’ and ‘The Specific’.  So what? Well, it can be an important distinction. Let me try to explain.

Working from Home: Tips

A lot of you will have started working from home as the coronavirus pandemic continues and many of you won’t have had to do this before and may not be used to it. It takes some time to adapt and to find a balance of happiness and productivity, but it can be done. As someone […]

A New Direction…

I haven’t posted on here for a while now. I used to write a lot about gaming, as that was my main hobby and chosen profession, but now I have a new job (and have left the games industry), which means I can’t keep up with the latest titles and write full reviews (not that […]