Photography Feature: Edinburgh Zoo

I have recently decided to focus on improving my photographic skills and to try and get some of my best work more attention. As part of this, I would like to start sharing some of my best photography here on my blog.

This week I thought I would share some of the highlights from my recent trip to Edinburgh Zoo…

Edinburgh Zoo

I recently visited the lovely city of Edinburgh, where I spent most of the day wandering around the Zoo and got a chance to pay a visit to the famous Pandas. Armed with my trusty Canon 1100D Digital SLR Camera and a big zoom lens, I spent most of the day hanging around the enclosures of the various animals and the results are shown in the gallery below.


All photos were taken with my Canon 1100D DSLR, using a 55-250mm zoom lens. The cropping, borders and vignette effects were done in CameraBag 2 (which I recently reviewed here).

Want to see more?

Most of my photography (including additional photos from Edinburgh Zoo and other animals from around the world) is currently on my DeviantART Page. You can check out some more photos here on my site by clicking the ‘Photography‘ link at the top of this page. You can also find highlights of my work on my brand new MDSimpson Photography Facebook Page and you can follow me on Instagram by going here or searching for ‘fraploid’ or ‘mdsimpson’ in the app.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the pictures! 🙂